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Riotous Readers

Take a look. Read a book!

Reading, researching, relying on one another and roaring with laughter are some of the words and phrases that could be used to describe the Riotous Readers.

Once a month we meet to discuss the book we have read. At times we meet in  someone’s home, at times we meet in the library (which has a good meeting room where we close the door and talk about books et al). 
Discussions on the book range in length from some minutes to quite long talks. Questions about the books sometimes seem almost as long as the book itself.

The book group has encouraged us to read books which we would not otherwise have chosen. They can be funny, stimulating, annoying, boring or can be almost lovable. We have encountered new writers, some of whom we want to read more titles, some of whom we feel should be left for later – much later perhaps.
We solve each other’s problems and indeed those of the world at large. Then we have coffee, tea and all sorts of yummy things to eat.

Almost before this meeting ends, we are starting to speculate about the next book.

We love reading





Christmas celebrations...

reading group meeting...

reading group meeting...